Chinese Herbal Medicine

The principles of Chinese Medicine are very different from traditional Western notions about health, illness and the workings of the body. Chinese Herbal Medicine is prescribed to normalize imbalances and assist the body in restoring normal physiological function. The Herbalists at A Touch of Ginger are Board Certified and have received 4 years of training in Chinese Medicine and Herbalism. They have also completed 2 years of professional post-graduate advanced training at The Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM) which certified them as Diplomates in Canonical Chinese Medicine. Today, they continue their studies under the teachings of Dr. Arnaud Versluys, Founder and Director of ICEAM and Stephen Bonzak, Senior ICEAM Instructor.

Herbal medicine formulas are created for each patient based on his or her presentation of symptoms and various diagnostic tools used in Chinese Medicine. During your initial consultation, Herbalist will feel your pulses on both of your wrists, view your tongue and palpate your abdomen. Using the information collected during your consultation they will select an herbal medicine formula specific to your needs. The cost of an herbal formula is determined by the price per herb and the number of grams dosed in the formula. Sometimes you may not finish a bottle of herbs due to changes that need to be made to the formula. Because each formula is unique and compounded specifically for each patient, we are unable to provide refunds for unused herbal formulas. Our herbal pharmacy is comprised of premium granule extracts from Legendary Herbs. Their supplier, Tianjiang Pharmaceutical, was China’s first GMP-certified granule facility.

How to prepare Chinese Herbal Medicine for children and adults.
How to prepare Chinese Herbal Medicine for infants.

How to prepare your herbal medicine formula:

  1. Using the white scoop provided in your herbal medicine bottle, place the appropriate number of scoops (see label) into a mug. Unless otherwise noted on your label, each scoop should be rounded on top (not level).
  2. Add BOILING water to your mug. The amount of water used is based on personal preference and can be adjusted to taste.
  3. Swirl water around inside the mug until the herbs start to dissolve before stirring. Then, finish stirring with a spoon.
  4. Let cool prior to drinking. An ice cube can be added to expedite the cooling process.
  5. Drink quickly and follow with water. Then enjoy a meal or snack. This will help clear your palate of the medicine’s flavor.

Important things to know when taking Chinese Herbal Formulas:

  • Herbal medicine doses can be prepared ahead of time. For example, you can make 2 doses the night or morning before they are needed. A cup of herbs can be left on the countertop or put into another container for travel. Herbal medicine does not need to be refrigerated or re-warmed. Just stir again before drinking. If you wish to rewarm, just add hot water. DO NOT MICROWAVE.
  • Store herbal medicine in a cool place. Herbs will melt inside the bottle and not be of use if left in a hot car or near a heat source.
  • Herbal medicine should be taken 2 times per day, unless otherwise noted on the label. The timing of your herbal doses is largely based on your schedule. Separate doses by about 4 to 5 hours and if possible, avoid taking your formula before bedtime.
  • Stop taking your medicine and contact your Herbalist if your symptoms change dramatically or you have any concerns. For example, if you begin to feel like you are getting a cold or have flu-like symptoms stop taking your formula and call.
  • The length of time you will need to take an herbal medicine formula will vary from person to person. It’s difficult to predict the time frame because it depends on how long it takes your body to heal and restore health. Over the course of treatment, your herbal formula will change many times as the body heals.
  • There may be circumstances where a patient is unable to come in for weekly or bi-weekly treatments. Herbalists will refill an herbal formula up to 4 times (at 1-2 week doses) without a follow-up consultation if all is going well. After 4 weeks, an Herbal Consultation is required to discuss symptoms and perform Chinese Medicine diagnostics so that any modifications can be made if necessary.
Child demonstrates how easy it is to take Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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