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Pain and Cold Weather

Pain and Cold Weather February 2021 By Michaela McClintock, LAc, DAc Chances are, if you ran into your acupuncturist outside of the office this time of year you may not recognize her. But it is not because she is trying to go incognito. She is bundling up to stay warm to preserve and protect her […]


Winter is Coming!

Winter is Coming!November 2020 By Michaela McClintock, LAc, DAc As the season shifts from fall to winter, environmental and temperature changes can affect your body. Here are the top three things you can do to keep your Qi healthy during wintertime! 1. Protect your Qi. The longest channel in the body runs from the forehead to […]

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Update: Our continued response to COVID-19

Update: Our continued response to COVID-19 October 2020 We continue to make the safety, and both physical and emotional well-being, of our patients and staff our highest priority. The following procedures are slightly modified from those implemented in March of this year. New Procedures Following are the new procedures that will be implemented for the […]