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As a blessed breast cancer survivor, I’ve struggled with organ and nerve damage for years. Finding Ginger has been what I call “a God wink.” Her compassionate, gentle techniques are superior to other acupuncturists, and my system is showing its gratitude in feeling great again.

A demanding work schedule kept me from doing anything about my back pain for too long. After making time for A Touch of Ginger, I now tell everyone I know to get there and get better. Not only has it improved my mood and motion, but I know people who she has helped with fertility issues, digestive troubles, and other ailments we all think are ‘normal.’ Get there!

The stiffness in my upper arm and shoulder kept me from sleeping well, playing golf and even taking out the garbage. Ginger’s treatments have restored mobility and removed pain. Back at it.

Ginger and her staff are professional, dedicated and compassionate. Ginger’s expert knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, along with her warm and comforting personality, make all the difference in her treatments.

I’m the biggest chicken in the world when it comes to needles and Ginger was super caring and understanding, and really helped me deal with my fear. I can now say I look forward to my sessions with Ginger. She has a plethora of knowledge and is really helping me feel my greatest!
—Cecilia Jaramillo

My 7-year-old daughter and I have been seeing Ginger for a few months. What makes Ginger different than the traditional health care practitioners is that she really does care about the health of our bodies. I don’t feel like I’m another number or that I’m getting rushed out the door. She asks very detailed questions to understand what’s going on in our bodies. She adjusts her approach as needed based on how our bodies react to her treatment. I appreciate her genuine interest and her drive to help us improve our health. It really makes a difference to have a practitioner who is as invested in our health as we are!

I’ve been going to Ginger for almost a year now and I can’t say enough good things about her. She has ensured I had the healthiest and most comfortable pregnancy through acupuncture and herbal remedies. She is a miracle worker and I recommend her to just about everyone I know. She’s able to address a wide spectrum of your needs through her work, leaving you both physically and emotionally healthy/balanced. I will continue to go to Ginger after my baby is born as I truly believe she contributes to a healthier way of living. On top of her incredible skills, she also has the most amazing personality. You will want to visit time and time again. Whether you need help getting pregnant, want to ensure a healthy pregnancy, have anxiety or physical ailments…Ginger is your miracle worker.
—Jessica Berg

I finally have hope that my medical challenges will be addressed in a holistic caring manner. A dear friend has been encouraging me to give Ginger, herbs and acupuncture a try. My medication list is embarrassing for all my medical issues. I have many specialists. There is no communication between any of these health care professionals and the only answer I get is another medication! Due to my recent diagnosis of MS, I have many symptoms. The most disturbing is memory loss and extreme fatigue. After a few weeks of working with Ginger, I feel hope, have energy and am experiencing life again. Ginger is amazing—honest, professional, continues to learn more about her specialty, listens to what I have to say and is a delight to work with! She is approachable and accessible. I think we all can learn about healthy living from Ginger and her caring staff. I am learning about clean eating and feel absolutely no pressure from Ginger to do anything I’m not comfortable with. I must admit I had to be sick and tired of being sick and tired before making a commitment to being open about Eastern medicine. I am a nurse, so admitting how closed minded I have been is hard. But I can’t argue with the positive improvements in my emotional and physical health!
—Mary Waters

Ginger really knows acupuncture and homeopathic remedies. I highly recommend her. She has a wonderful office environment—peaceful and comfortable. If you aren’t quite sure if acupuncture is for you, stop by and learn from an expert.
—Chuck Balogh

Seeing Ginger was the best decision I’ve ever made! I was clenching my jaw nonstop and couldn’t get it to loosen up, and a friend recommended her. I went in and not only did she help with that issue, but after regular visits, the quality of my sleep has improved, and I have been able to get off several medications! She’s also helped with short-term illnesses, like colds, flu or stomach problems. She is my go-to whenever I need fixing!
—Amy Zurita

I have been coming to see Ginger since April 2017 and I cannot speak highly enough of her knowledge, compassion, passion for healing, gentle touch and so much more! She has treated me for so many ailments and conditions (sprained ankle, chronic neck pain/headaches, allergies, clenching of teeth, cold, stomach problems, sleep deprivation and so much more!) that I seriously can’t imagine life without her. She is so much more than an acupuncturist/herbalist. She is a healer.
—Melanie Johnson

I can’t say enough good things about Ginger. She has been treating my kids and you can see the results. It’s been great how she has shown so much interest in my kids issues and have gone those extra steps. Not to mention our Chicago trips that helps us all to understand what’s going on.
—Mark Boggs

After suffering for weeks with phlegm and coughing, mostly because of allergies, I visited Ginger and explained all my symptoms, including pain in rib cartilage and back. She knew exactly where to place those needles and the perfect herbs for me to take. Within less than 24 hours, the cough and pains were gone! She is my miracle worker!
—Glenda Abbott

After just having had a tooth extracted, that same morning Ginger used acupuncture in my ear to prevent any pain or swelling—and absolutely NO pain or swelling! NO additional pain killers of any type. I continue to be amazed by what acupuncture can do. What Ginger can do with acupuncture is even more amazing! I would definitely recommend acupuncture at A Touch of Ginger to anyone having to go through any sort of dental procedures. Thank you, Ginger!
—Fiona McKnight Fairty

Ginger is absolutely fantastic! She’s a wonderful acupuncturist as well as the most wonderful human being. She has helped with aches and pains and helped me get pregnant with my second son. You will not regret making an appointment to see her!
—Darlene Jiminez

Ginger is the best… I love this place, I jog a lot and my knee hurts me from time to time. I went to see her and on the first visit she fixed me up. Thank you, Ginger!
—Darnel Spinks

After suffering for almost a year with my Achilles’ tendon, I’m just about 100 percent pain-free. Acupuncture took a little time, but I’m so much better. All my doctor did is give me pain killers.
—Laura Rendina

Didn’t have high expectations for carpal tunnel relief but I was wrong. During the first treatment, my wrist pain went from a 7/8 down to a 3/4 in only 15 minutes. I was able to work the next 2 weeks without pain. Seeing Ginger has changed me for the better!
—Megan Mynatt

After discovering the great news of my second pregnancy I began to remember the terrible recovery that I had after the birth of my first child. That is when I decided to look into placenta encapsulation. Ginger agreed to complete this process for me for which I will be forever grateful. My post-birth recovery the second time around was amazing, and it was due to the essentials that the placenta encapsulation pills provided for my body to heal. I was feeling back to my old self with much more energy and happiness after only 2 weeks following the birth of my daughter. I highly recommend placenta encapsulation to anyone as a positive addition to their childbirth recovery.
—Jamie Weigand

I turned to acupuncture on the suggestion of The Chicago Women’s Health Center, who had been treating me for chronic yeast infections. After taking antibiotics for a case of bacterial vaginosis, I began getting yeast infections approximately every 6 weeks. I would go to doctors who would treat the yeast infections with medication. The infections would go away only to return a few weeks later. I also during this period I started getting cytolitic vaginitis, which is an overgrowth of the “good” bacteria in the vagina—so essentially my body had completely lost its ability to regulate its balance of healthy and non-healthy bacteria, swinging back and forth between too much and too little. Obviously, this experience, which lasted for nearly a year beginning with the bacterial vaginosis, was totally horrible. I was always itchy. It started interfering with my sex life and my relationship with my partner. I became self-conscious about my body during sex. I remember crying on numerous occasions about the cycle I was in, so frustrated that the medicine that doctors gave me seemed only to perpetuate the problem. Chinese Medicine was the only thing that I could find that solved my problem. I had a raging yeast infection on the day of my first treatment with Ginger, and Ginger’s treatments cleared up that infection and I have been without a yeast infection or any other vaginal infection for the 7 months since. With her acupuncture, herbs, and alterations in my diet, Ginger has led me out of the nightmare I was in. I was truly skeptical about Chinese Medicine before this experience, but I am completely convinced. Not only did her treatment solve my yeast problem, my overall health has improved significantly since I started seeing her. I have an immune deficiency, and as such have fallen ill with every cold and flu in sight all my life. I got one cold this entire season! Truly unprecedented for me, someone who is used to ending up at the doctor’s office at least once a year with a serious illness. She has also helped with other problems as they have arisen, such as anxiety, sleep problems, coldness, and digestion. And, she is such a pleasure to spend time with and to know: always cheerful, extremely committed to my treatment and concerned about my well-being, easy to contact and attentive, patient and a good communicator, understanding and kind—every attribute a person could hope for in a care-giver, and, dare I say, a friend. I heartily recommend Ginger to anyone seeking compassionate, effective, and holistic healing for their ailments.

I have worked with many health care providers over the course of my life and cannot speak highly enough of Ginger. She is a thoughtful and compassionate care provider whose warm demeanor and lightheartedness put me immediately at ease. She is kind and curious—a generous and careful listener. Ginger gently nudges me toward health, recognizing that the pursuit of well-being is a collaborative endeavor that cannot be rushed or forced. She skillfully facilitates the changes I wish to see in my life and in my health. She has a very gentle and powerful needle technique and responds with great sensitivity to any feedback. I always leave her office feeling calm and energized. Originally, I came to acupuncture some years ago to wean myself from anti-depressants. While they helped me to continue functioning at a time of great stress, I knew that I needed to be able to access my feelings from a place of clarity and awareness if I wished to resolve the underlying issues that created my depression in the first place. I saw several clinical interns at PCOM over the course of two years, uncovering my emotions around some old experiences and learning to perceive my body mind in a different way than I ever had before. I learned a new language for describing symptoms and sensations and began breaking down some of my own barriers to wellness. Fast forward three years. I am now a first-term student of acupuncture myself and have been coming for weekly treatments with Ginger to help resolve persistent digestive problems and sleep difficulty. In the few short weeks I’ve been seeing her, I have experienced subtle but profound change. My digestion is regulating, I greet the day well rested, and I feel a deep, pervasive calm that has been conspicuously absent for a great, long while. I finally feel that I am reaching, with Ginger’s help, the resolution of those old patterns I’ve been fighting for years. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking to improve their own health
—Melea Britt Alexander

In January 2011, I arrived for my first acupuncture appointment at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. I thought I would address relief of some stress, when the focus shifted to my depression and obesity struggles. During the past 4 years I had gained almost 70 pounds. The weight gain caused me to be critical of myself and many other negative mindsets. I often struggled with falling asleep and consequently found having energy the next day at work was becoming increasingly difficult. I had tried nearly every known diet, sometimes with success, but never with hoped for longevity. When I met Ginger, she immediately made me feel hopeful that I could accomplish my goal for optimal health. With my acupuncture treatments, Ginger has helped me feel rested and full of energy. She has taught me Eastern ways of eating to help my digestion work more efficiently. With each weekly visit Ginger’s questions would carefully guide which treatment would best serve my needs. Sometimes it would address my physical well-being and at other times my emotional health. I truly appreciate the time she has taken to get to know me as her patient. Also, her caring has been demonstrated by follow up contact between treatments to be sure I am on track and feeling well. Another aspect of working with Ginger is the Chinese herbal formulas she designs for me personally. She takes the time for creating an appropriate formula each week to support my acupuncture treatments, and the goals I have for optimum health. During this time, I have successfully quit smoking and have lost 20 pounds. I continue to work towards my goals! I look forward to my time with Ginger and the work we will continue to do together.

Two years ago, I experienced an unexpected end to a relationship that caused me to suffer from depression. I found myself without appetite to eat, lack of desire to interact with family and friends and lack of motivation to perform everyday activities. Not only was my mental health affected, but I saw my physical health decline once I found it difficult to eat and was losing weight. I knew that I needed to do something, otherwise I was going to “lose” myself. I have never been one for taking medications, but due to what I thought was a significant state of sadness and depression, I contemplated antidepressants. Fortunately, I met Ginger and found another avenue of treatment with acupuncture and herbs that has worked wonders and has kept me on the right path without medications! Ginger intently listened to me as I divulged some of the personal details of my experience that had brought me to such a low. She expressed great concern and stated that she could most definitely help me and that I not take anti-depressants. Because of Ginger’s passion and strong belief in the power of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I felt I could put my life in to her hands and trust that she could pull me out of this hole. Shortly after we spoke, Ginger was able to get me in for an acupuncture session. After this session, I felt a better sense of calmness and peace and was actually slightly hungry! The next day, albeit small, I was eating, 3 meals! I was amazed! Over the course of the next few months, Ginger treated me and was able to pull me out of my depression and guide me towards alternative options for better mental and physical health! If it weren’t for Ginger’s great passion and strong belief in acupuncture and her genuine care for people and their overall health, I would not be where I am today—happy, healthy and back to “normal.” I truly believe acupuncture is for everyone and I know that Ginger is the acupuncturist that takes to heart your need to be well again and not only puts you that on that path but guides and supports you as if you are her family member or close friend!

I had been struggling with constipation for about 6 years and had tried EVERYTHING! I never wanted to take or rely on laxatives, so I tried almost every fiber supplement under the sun, prunes, teas and more. Sometimes my symptoms would dissipate for a little while, but my constipation would always come back in a few days. It is a truly miserable feeling. I had always heard that acupuncture is a cure for just about anything and had always thought about giving it a try. However, it always seemed to be a financial stretch. Then a colleague of mine told me she went to the Pacific College for treatment and always found an intern whom she loved. I figured I’d finally give it a try. I went to my first session and tried getting another appointment with that intern (who was also good), but couldn’t, and I’m so glad it didn’t work out because the next appointment was with Ginger. I IMMEDIATELY felt comfortable in her presence. She has such a positive energy about her (I know it may sound cheesy, but it’s true!). Along with my constipation, my hands and feet are always cold and from that first appointment with Ginger, not only was she focused on my constipation, but she always made sure my hands/feet were warm – with a heat lamp in the room every single time I arrived! Ginger is one of the most personable people I have ever met—she knew I could get a little jumpy when putting in the needles (no need to be jumpy, but it’s just my nature), but she always made me feel comfortable and at ease—it truly shows that Ginger genuinely cares about my well-being, health, and life. So, I am no longer constipated (I still can’t believe it!)! I always looked forward to my treatments with Ginger as it not only became a session of acupuncturist/patient, but a session of letting go and seeing a friend. I will miss my sessions with Ginger and know that anyone who goes to her will feel the same way!

I have been to see Ginger several times over the past year and I must say it is amazing. My first visit was for carpal tunnel, which I had immediate relief after only one treatment. Two visits later, I have not had any more problems. Ginger has a special gift and is a joy to be around. Thank you for changing my life and taking such good care of me.

Absolutely impressive. Not at all what you would expect in the best way possible. My wife and I decided to give acupuncture a try after doing some research on ways to live healthier. The office was beautiful, clean and professional. Better than most medical facilities we have been to. Ginger is extremely personable, warm and knowledgeable. We are now regular patients and can’t imagine life without her. If you have been on the fence about acupuncture and where to try it, look no further. Thank you, Ginger!