Stop Smoking Treatment

Smoking can cause serious health problems, including cancer, breathing issues, heart conditions and stroke, to name a few. But a smoking addiction can be difficult to break, especially without guidance or support.

A Touch of Ginger (ATOG) can help you quit smoking and remain smoke-free with our stop smoking treatment plan. Acupuncture provides a natural way to restore balance to the body so the patient can break the habit and no longer feels the need for a cigarette. A smoking addiction is complicated because it includes both physical and emotional components. Acupuncture addresses both elements to ease the quitting process by curbing the symptoms that cause discomfort and by helping with relaxation.

In addition to the treatment, behavior modifications to help with cravings, like chewing gum and carrying healthy snacks, are suggested to remain smoke-free. And patients are encouraged to think about new, healthy ways to relax, like meditation, yoga, exercise or spending time in nature.

For the treatment plan to be most effective, it is important that the patient is ready and committed to stop smoking.

The Treatment Process

The stop smoking treatment uses auricular acupuncture, which is the insertion of small needles into the outer ear. Additionally, acupuncture needles are inserted on the extremities as well.

During a treatment, an unlit cigarette is placed under the patient’s nose. The patient smells the cigarette while specific acupuncture points are stimulated with needles. With every treatment, the taste and smell of cigarettes will become less appealing to the patient. Patients ultimately will lose their relationship with the need to smoke a cigarette to feel relaxed. In addition, acupuncture helps curb the desire to pick up a cigarette and makes smoking less pleasurable.

Typically, two to five treatments (with a minimum of two) are necessary for a patient to successfully quit smoking. The total length of treatment does vary by individual. Treatments are received once per week and last about one hour. During the treatment process, the patient will drink one to two cups of “stop smoking” herbal tea per day, which provides additional support to help minimize cravings and ensure long-term success.


To learn more about the details of ATOG’s stop smoking treatment, please call or text (630) 299-3464. Patients can ask specific questions to find out if this treatment plan is the right fit for them.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call or text ATOG at (630) 299-3464 or schedule an appointment online. During scheduling, a day and time for the initial acupuncture treatment will be set, as well as the first follow-up acupuncture treatment.