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A woman’s menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones that increase the possibility for a pregnancy each month at the end of each cycle. In addition to a woman’s health and reproductive history, a balanced cycle is vital to fertility. If it is imbalanced and ovulation does not occur properly, a woman cannot become pregnant.

Beyond exercise and a healthy diet, fertility can benefit from ensuring that enough good blood and inner energy are flowing through the reproductive system. If you are a woman in Yorkville seeking assistance with fertility support, A Touch of Ginger can help balance hormones through acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal medicine that contribute to a well-regulated menstrual cycle.

Just as important, our approach correctly addresses and treats underlying conditions that can interfere with the chances of a successful pregnancy.

What Is Acupuncture for Yorkville (IL) Fertility?

Acupuncture by A Touch of Ginger reinforces fertility for Yorkville women by focusing on the flow of the qi (pronounced chee) in the body.

Qi is the Chinese concept of the life force or energy that powers the body to perform. This essence runs through the body’s pathways with start and end points on the head, hands and feet. When qi is abundant and moving in concert with properly functioning organs, there is greater well-being.

When your qi is blocked and your organs are out of balance, your body sends distress signals that require attention. To release your qi, acupuncture uses very fine needles on the skin’s surface to stimulate particular points on the body. The targeted starting points will depend on your particular body and fertility challenges. In this way, acupuncture frees your blocked qi to once again promote and help maintain your reproductive health.

Acupuncture for Yorkville (IL) Fertility: Getting Started

If you deal with fertility issues, we will start by making sure your menstrual cycle is regulated. We will consider important details such as:

  • how many days in the cycle
  • color of the menstrual blood
  • presence of any premenstrual symptoms
  • presence of clots
  • length of menstruation

While regulating the cycle can take a few months, it is important to fertility. We will also address any elements that can disrupt the flow of your qi. Mental factors might include stress, anxiety or depression. Possible physical factors could be cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or digestive tract inflammation, to name just a few.

The Power of Acupuncture for Yorkville (IL) Fertility

Once we have a thorough understanding of you as a patient, we can begin your acupuncture treatments to help improve blood and qi flow to your reproductive system, regulate your period and stimulate your ovaries to increase the chance for pregnancy.

The sensation of acupuncture will vary with each person. Most important to understand is that it does not hurt. You may feel a dullness, achiness or pressure with the needles. This would be normal as the sensation of your body’s qi. Any tingling or other sensations will quickly fade.

We will also follow how you are doing emotionally along the way. We understand that starting this journey can be difficult for some. A Touch of Ginger is here to help guide you, your mind and your body to greater reproductive function and health through our distinctive acupuncture skills and specialization in Chinese herbal medicine rooted in Canonical Chinese Medicine (CCM).

Even beyond healthy fertility, your acupuncture treatments with A Touch of Ginger can contribute to a greater quality of life, including teaching your body how to respond to stress, pain or injury in a calm, even, healing way.

In freeing your qi and training your body to reduce physical and mental alarm, you become the boss of triggers and their symptoms. Your treatment plan with A Touch of Ginger is a path that adapts to and with you.

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More about Yorkville (IL) Fertility

According to the Mayo Clinic, women can further boost their chances of getting pregnant by quitting smoking, limiting caffeine (e.g. max 200 mg/day) abstaining from drugs and alcohol, exercising moderately instead of intensely, and maintaining a healthy weight (neither too light nor too heavy).