Postpartum Support Through Chinese Medicine

May 2021

By Anjalee Patel, LAc, DACM, Dipl. OM, PTA

It is no surprise that women are warriors. They are consistently resilient no matter what gets thrown their way. However, one thing that they face, that often gets pushed away by medical teams, is their experience and difficulties through the postpartum journey.

Did you know that a new mom does not even get seen by a medical practitioner until six weeks postpartum? Just think about it. That is 42 days, 1,008 hours or 60,480 minutes. That is how long a new mom suffers through her pain and dysfunction, all while taking care of a newborn. Why is there not more immediate care for new moms in the healthcare system? All the focus is on the new baby. However, if the mother is not doing well, how is she supposed to take care of her little one, all while going through her own trauma?

New moms have lost blood, Qi and fluids through their birthing experience and need to replenish these essentials to be able to heal in a safe and healthy manner. Another focus that needs to be honed in on is the emotional and mental state of the new mother. They have quite a bit on their plate now. And at times, being a mom can feel lonely, regardless of whether their partner is supportive throughout the whole process. Focusing on mental and emotional health is important to address and support as a new mom goes through this phase of life.

Chinese medicine can really help build blood, Qi and fluids so the mother can start to feel like herself again, physically and emotionally. This can be done with acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, emotional support and breastfeeding support.


Using acupuncture points and channels based on the pulses and assessments by the practitioner, a new mom can get pain relief, digestion and urinary support, incision and breastfeeding management, and sleep support. All of this is important to be able to support a mom while she takes care of her little one.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Along with acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine can help bring the body to a place of balance and function during postpartum. By using herbal medicine, a new mom can start noticing improvements in sleep, pain, digestion, emotion regulation, temperature regulation, urinary quality and function, breast and body discomfort, incision pain or scarring and more. Chinese Herbal Medicine can thrive in these areas and can even be a part of the treatments as a mom prepares for labor and birthing. Chinese Herbal Medicine also can help with getting women back on a healthy menstrual cycle, free of clots, heavy bleeding, excessive spotting, cramping and more.

Emotional Support

Bringing a little one into the world can bring an array of emotions to the table. On top of that, going through postpartum can also bring heavier and intense emotions as well. It is important to get support through acupuncture and Chinese medicine to ensure that a mom is healthy for herself and her little one.

Breastfeeding Support

According to Chinese Medicine, breast milk is made up of the mother’s Qi and blood. To be able to produce a sufficient amount for the baby, Qi and blood need to be nourished. If the mom can or chooses to breastfeed or pump, Chinese Herbal Medicine can help increase blood and Qi, which will help increase production. Additionally, it can help with mastitis or breast discomfort.

So, what is the takeaway message here? Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help new moms navigate through postpartum by decreasing their pain, discomfort, addressing emotional imbalances and more. Treating a mom as soon as possible is key so she can feel strong and healthy again as she starts this new and energetic journey. Let’s help new moms get the support they deserve and need.

Anjalee Patel, LAc, DACM, Dipl. OM, PTA, is a Licensed Acupuncturist, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and a Physical Therapist Assistant at A Touch of Ginger. You can schedule an appointment with Anjalee by calling (630) 299-3464 or click here to schedule an appointment online.